March Pet of the Month

Introducing Ozzie – Our March Pet of the Month! Ozzie is a 14 year old mixed breed dog. He was adopted by his owners in 2004. We are lucky to have had him as one of our adorable and good-natured patients throughout this time.

Ozzie has had skin allergies most of his life. We have used many different treatments to help him stay comfortable throughout the years. He is now on Apoquel which is a newer product on the market that gives dogs fast, safe relief of allergic itch without the side effects of steroids. With the use of this medication and routine bathing, he remains comfortable year round.

Ozzie was additionally diagnosed with intervertebral disk disease in January 2015 when he was noted to have issues with jumping and getting around. With rest and an anti-inflammatory medication (Rimadyl), Ozzie was more comfortable and mobile. With reoccurrence of Ozzie’s back pain in August 2015, laser therapy was added to help manage his discomfort. Ozzie began receiving laser therapy every other day for 2 weeks, and then has slowly worked down to having it once every 2 weeks. Fortunately his pain has stayed under control with medicine and laser therapy. He comes in for diagnostics every 6 months to make sure that his liver and kidneys are handling the Rimadyl usage.

Over the years, Ozzie has developed a heart murmur that started out as a grade 2 out of 6 and has slowly increased to a grade 5 out of 6. With new recommendations, including the addition of a medication called Vetmedin and close monitoring with exams, chest x-rays and blood pressure checks he has been very stable with his heart disease.

Note to Ozzie: Ozzie, we are all so grateful that you are doing well with your allergies, disc disease and heart condition. You are a gentleman amongst dogs. We look forward to your visits every other Friday for laser therapy!

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