Fear of storms

Does your pet have a fear of Storms? Fear of storms is no laughing matter.
 Here are some tips to help with storm anxiety:

  •  Have a safe place for them to go that is sound proof and no or little windows for them to hear and see the storm. Make sure to access to this safe spot at all times.
  •  Play calming music in your pet’s safe spot at a volume just loud enough to drown out distant thunderclaps.
  •  Desensitization involves using a CD with recorded storm sounds to try to desensitize your dog.
  •  Try putting gentle, continuous pressure on your pet to calm them. If they will allow it, try leaning gently on or against her without petting or stroking. If this is helpful to her, you’ll feel her muscles begin to relax. If instead she seems to grow more anxious, stop the activity. They make products that provide this support ex. Thundershirt)
  •  Invest in a pheromone diffuser.
  •  Have any questions or would like to know where to purchase any of these items give us a call.

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