December 2017 Pet of the Month

Introducing Kid – Our December Pet of the Month! Kid is a 9 year old male domestic long-hair cat. Kid was adopted as a farm kitten and currently spends his time indoors with his housemates – a cat and a dog. We recently met Kid when he suddenly became ill with vomiting and a loss of appetite. Examination revealed a small skin mass over Kid’s left shoulder as well as a fever, dehydration, and abdominal discomfort, consistent with Kid’s recent onset illness. Early tests (bloodwork and x-rays) were inconclusive and additional testing was then performed (an abdominal ultrasound) that suggested Kid was suffering from a bout of pancreatitis – a condition characterized by inflammation of the pancreas. In this condition, digestive enzymes are activated in the pancreas itself instead of being released into the intestinal tract, and this can cause fever, vomiting, inappetance, and abdominal discomfort among many other things. Kid received supportive medications and a prescription diet formulated for cats with intestinal and pancreatic disease and has since made a full recovery. Once Kid was feeling better, the new mass on his shoulder could be further assessed. This mass was eventually removed with surgery while Kid was under anesthesia for his dental scaling and polishing. Throughout all of this, Kid always had a brave face and was very patient and kind to his caregivers. We are happy to report that Kid’s incision has now fully healed and his biopsy report shows full removal of his benign cancerous growth, which is expected to be curative!

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